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100411_Cleveland - City of Salt and Light.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:57 444k unknown 100418_Someone's Coming.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:57 732k unknown 100425_Take Two.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:57 584k unknown 100502_a place to re-center.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:57 268k unknown 100509_a place to connect.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:57 292k unknown 100516_a place to invite.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:57 292k unknown 100523_a place to serve.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:57 1056k unknown 100530_a_place_to_grow.ppt 11-Sep-2010 14:08 268k unknown 100606_The Son's Love.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:56 876k unknown 100613_The Father's Love_p1.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:56 828k unknown 100627_Loving Each Other.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:55 1096k unknown 100704_Jesus Was Just a Good Man.ppt 11-Sep-2010 14:30 2812k unknown 100711_Following the Rules Is Your Ticket to Heaven.ppt 11-Sep-2010 14:30 2924k unknown 100718_You Can Be Born Again Without Dying.ppt 11-Sep-2010 14:30 956k unknown 100725_It Doesn't Matter What You Believe.ppt 11-Sep-2010 14:30 1044k unknown 100801_Flashing Lights and Caution Signs.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:15 572k unknown 100808_When Gifts Become Idols.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:15 1356k unknown 100815_Man Made Idols.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:15 532k unknown 100822_TheJealousGod.ppt 22-Aug-2010 15:46 168k unknown 100829_TheRoadBackHome.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:15 240k unknown 100905_Uncomplicated Faith.ppt 03-Sep-2010 19:34 656k unknown 100912_Stubborn Faith.ppt 11-Sep-2010 13:10 844k unknown 100919_BabyDedications.pptx 19-Sep-2010 03:48 1760k unknown 100919_Outrageous_Faith.ppt 23-Sep-2010 02:39 268k unknown 100919_Outrageous_Faith_Pt2.ppt 10-Oct-2010 03:51 148k unknown 100919_Ridiculous Faith.ppt 19-Sep-2010 11:51 1004k unknown 101003_Loving_God_With_Everything.ppt 10-Oct-2010 03:51 412k unknown 101010_The_Greatest_Is_Love_PT1.ppt 10-Oct-2010 03:50 364k unknown 101010_The_Greatest_Is_Love_PT2.ppt 10-Oct-2010 03:50 324k unknown 101017_Loving_the_Familiar.ppt 17-Oct-2010 15:55 348k unknown 101024_Loving_the_Broken_and_The_Betters.ppt 24-Oct-2010 13:36 620k unknown 101031_Loving_the_Lost.ppt 29-Oct-2010 01:41 396k unknown 101107_The_Strong_One.ppt 04-Nov-2010 00:37 428k unknown 101114_I_Am_That_I_Am.ppt 13-Nov-2010 02:38 316k unknown 101121_The_Shepherd.ppt 23-Nov-2010 23:54 348k unknown 101128_The_Banner_The_Peace.ppt 24-Nov-2010 02:13 536k unknown 101205_Promises,Promises.ppt 10-Dec-2010 01:49 348k unknown 101212_He_Will_Be_Called.ppt 10-Dec-2010 14:20 1080k unknown 101219_Son_of_Man.ppt 19-Dec-2010 16:43 244k unknown 101226_The Way_The_Truth_The_Life.ppt 26-Dec-2010 14:54 312k unknown 110102_to_the_voice_of_God.ppt 02-Jan-2011 14:27 1060k unknown 110109_to_the_embrace_of_God.ppt 06-Jan-2011 17:14 268k unknown 110116_to_the_Holy_Spirit_as_Comforter.ppt 13-Jan-2011 01:43 1044k unknown 110123_to_the_Holy_Spirit_as_Teacher.ppt 23-Jan-2011 16:12 1104k unknown 110130_to_the_Holy_Spirit_of_Power.ppt 10-Feb-2011 20:55 1236k unknown 110206_POSSIBILITIES_for_a_warrior_king.ppt 10-Feb-2011 20:55 264k unknown 110213_POSSIBILITIES_Dave_Walker.ppt 10-Feb-2011 20:57 880k unknown 110220_POSSIBILITIES_for_a_faithful_but_fearful_leader.ppt 17-Feb-2011 17:31 296k unknown 110227_POSSIBILITIES_for_a_terrified_servant.ppt 03-Mar-2011 02:35 276k unknown 110306_LETTERS_Will_the_Real_Jesus_Please_Stand_Up.ppt 03-Mar-2011 02:35 1000k unknown 110313_LETTERS_The First and the Last.ppt 12-Mar-2011 18:00 964k unknown 110320_LETTERS_Four_Letters_From_Jesus.ppt 17-Mar-2011 18:09 1388k unknown 110327_LETTERS_Three_Letters_from_Jesus.ppt 25-Mar-2011 20:23 1476k unknown 110403_From_Pop_Star_to_Cleaning_House.ppt 14-Apr-2011 12:48 812k unknown 110410_Loving_Warnings.ppt 14-Apr-2011 12:49 864k unknown 110417_Dinner_to_Prison.ppt 17-Apr-2011 15:40 940k unknown 110422_GOOD_FRIDAY.ppt 22-Apr-2011 14:03 772k unknown 110424_From_Death_to_Life.ppt 22-Apr-2011 13:54 912k unknown 110501_Happy_8th_Anniversary.ppt 30-Apr-2011 01:10 92k unknown 110508_Happy_Mother's_Day.ppt 07-May-2011 21:46 92k unknown 110522_Who_Decides_What_Is_True.ppt 20-May-2011 01:34 120k unknown 110529_Wise_Vs_Foolish.ppt 26-May-2011 22:19 144k unknown 110605_Equal_But_Not_The_Same.ppt 11-Jun-2011 11:57 444k unknown 110612_Mystery Of His Will_Dave Walker.ppt 11-Jun-2011 11:57 464k unknown 110619_The_Heart_of_a_Father_Dave Walker.ppt 19-Jun-2011 13:40 444k unknown 110626_Merciful_Justice.ppt 24-Jun-2011 00:54 524k unknown 110703_He's_Coming_Back.ppt 01-Jul-2011 15:07 228k unknown 110710_Death_Is_Only_Temporary.ppt 10-Jul-2011 15:56 3384k unknown 110717_Into_the_Great_Beyond.ppt 14-Jul-2011 17:20 244k unknown 110724_Back_Into_The_Great_Beyond.ppt 03-Aug-2011 20:49 256k unknown 110731_Living_in_Light_of_Forever.ppt 03-Aug-2011 20:49 224k unknown 110814_Is_God_Real.ppt 18-Aug-2011 14:54 212k unknown 110821_How_Can_a_Good_God_Allow_Suffering.ppt 18-Aug-2011 14:55 240k unknown 110828_Is_the_Bilbe_True.ppt 25-Aug-2011 00:41 184k unknown 1108_God_Is.ppt 18-Aug-2011 14:54 240k unknown 110904_Distractions.ppt 03-Sep-2011 14:06 500k unknown 110911_Disappointment.ppt 15-Sep-2011 14:26 600k unknown 110918_Discontent.ppt 15-Sep-2011 14:26 608k unknown 110925_Decisions.ppt 30-Sep-2011 16:32 564k unknown 111002_Worship.ppt 30-Sep-2011 16:38 700k unknown 111009_What_is_Rest.ppt 07-Oct-2011 23:05 1020k unknown 111016_Making_Space.ppt 15-Oct-2011 13:34 2504k unknown 111023_Tuning_Out_the_Noise.ppt 23-Oct-2011 22:43 1016k unknown 111030_Getting_Unplugged_or_Coming_Unglued.ppt 27-Oct-2011 01:01 1016k unknown 111106_Night_Vision.ppt 10-Nov-2011 18:46 276k unknown 111113_Please_Pass_the_Veggies.ppt 10-Nov-2011 18:46 308k unknown 111120_Do_You_See_What_I_Dream.ppt 16-Nov-2011 18:45 1588k unknown 111204_Celebrating_the_God_Who_Comes.ppt 21-Dec-2011 20:05 252k unknown 111211_Impossibilities_Become_Possible.ppt 21-Dec-2011 19:57 268k unknown 111218_Despair_Becomes_Hope.ppt 21-Dec-2011 19:55 280k unknown 111224_Bad_News_Becomes_Good_News.ppt 21-Dec-2011 19:55 264k unknown 120101_The_Kingdom_of_His_Dear_Son.ppt 01-Jan-2012 17:03 340k unknown 120108_Topsy_Turvy.ppt 05-Jan-2012 00:56 264k unknown 120115_Attitude_Adjustments.ppt 15-Jan-2012 16:50 1016k unknown 120122_Bullseye!.ppt 26-Jan-2012 13:52 900k unknown 120129_KidsRUs.ppt 26-Jan-2012 13:52 836k unknown 120205_Deeper.ppt 23-Feb-2012 23:39 236k unknown 120212_Get_Real_with_God.ppt 23-Feb-2012 23:38 244k unknown 120219_Get_REAL_with_Others.ppt 23-Feb-2012 23:38 332k unknown 120226_Faith_with_Scars.ppt 23-Feb-2012 23:38 352k unknown 120304_The_Promise_of_the_Father.ppt 04-Mar-2012 17:09 872k unknown 120311_Faith_With_Those_Who_Know_Me_Best.ppt 11-Mar-2012 15:48 204k unknown 120318_Reaching_Our_Nation.ppt 20-Mar-2012 14:06 208k unknown 120325_Reaching_the_World.ppt 30-Mar-2012 23:25 236k unknown 120401_Enter_His_Gates.ppt 01-Apr-2012 15:59 448k unknown 120406_He_Loves_Us_To_Death.ppt 08-Apr-2012 01:56 484k unknown 120408_He_Loves_Us_To_Life.ppt 08-Apr-2012 01:56 276k unknown 120415_He_Loves_Us_During_Failure.ppt 18-Apr-2012 23:39 488k unknown 120422_He_Loves_Us_Enough.ppt 18-Apr-2012 23:38 612k unknown 120429_His_Love_Grows.ppt 04-May-2012 22:30 680k unknown 120506_Who_Do_You_Say_I_Am.ppt 10-May-2012 12:58 912k unknown 120513_Light_Love_n_Life.ppt 15-May-2012 19:51 804k unknown 120520_Faith Works.ppt 20-May-2012 15:50 948k unknown 120527_What_You_See_Is_Not_What_You_Get.ppt 03-Jun-2012 15:50 768k unknown 120603_Perfectly_Imperfect.ppt 03-Jun-2012 15:50 532k unknown 120610_Sons_Of_God.ppt 10-Jun-2012 15:54 500k unknown 120617_Father_Knows_Best.ppt 15-Jun-2012 14:44 500k unknown 120624_Truth_&_Love_&_Other_Messes.ppt 19-Aug-2012 22:42 768k unknown 120701_God_You_Blow_My_Mind.ppt 28-Jun-2012 12:54 320k unknown 120708_The_Secret_Place.ppt 08-Jul-2012 16:35 400k unknown 120715_God_I_Need_You.ppt 19-Jul-2012 01:04 260k unknown 120722_God_Forgive_Me.ppt 19-Jul-2012 00:57 320k unknown 120812_The_Soil_Of_Thriving.ppt 12-Aug-2012 15:44 392k unknown 120819_The_Mystery_of_His_Will.pptx 19-Aug-2012 22:40 348k unknown 120902_The_River_of_Life.pptx 02-Sep-2012 12:21 1280k unknown 120909_The_River_Of_Salvation.pptx 07-Sep-2012 20:24 1216k unknown 120916_The_River_Of_Freedom.pptx 12-Sep-2012 20:49 1096k unknown 120923_The_River_of_Power.pptx 26-Sep-2012 15:27 1100k unknown 120930_The_River_Of_Praise.pptx 26-Sep-2012 15:25 1092k unknown 121007_All_Things_New.pptx 11-Oct-2012 01:46 624k unknown 121014_Greedy_Short_Guy.pptx 11-Oct-2012 01:45 620k unknown 121021_Bad_Reputation_Girl.pptx 18-Oct-2012 13:25 632k unknown 121028_Angry_Religious_Man.pptx 26-Oct-2012 14:22 636k unknown 121104__Enter_His_Gates_with_Thnx.pptx 09-Nov-2012 14:13 188k unknown 121111_Thnx_for_the_Big_Things.pptx 11-Nov-2012 16:26 248k unknown 121118_Thnx_for_the_Small_Things.pptx 18-Nov-2012 16:37 188k unknown 121125_HHM_Powerpoint.pptx 30-Nov-2012 10:38 5028k unknown 121202_Thnx_in_the_Hard_Things.pptx 29-Nov-2012 18:28 196k unknown 121209_X=LOVE.pptx 19-Dec-2012 18:08 244k unknown 121209_X=Love.pptx 07-Dec-2012 20:31 256k unknown 121216_X=HOPE.pptx 19-Dec-2012 18:08 260k unknown 121223_X=LIGHT.pptx 19-Dec-2012 18:08 268k unknown 121230_X=NEW_BENINNINGS.pptx 27-Dec-2012 16:44 260k unknown 130106_Amazing.pptx 05-Jan-2013 13:38 380k unknown 130113_I_Need_It_You_Need_It_We_All_Need_It.pptx 13-Jan-2013 15:16 404k unknown 130120_The_Secret_Bob_Dodd.potx 20-Jan-2013 17:01 404k unknown 130127_The_Mud_Puddles.pptx 27-Jan-2013 17:05 400k unknown 130203_Give_Me_A_Drink.pptx 17-Mar-2013 12:25 496k unknown 130210_Seeing_His_Goodness.pptx 06-Feb-2013 18:26 484k unknown 130217_Knowing_God.pptx 17-Feb-2013 16:57 488k unknown 130224_Eating_the_Bread_of_His_Presence.pptx 17-Mar-2013 12:25 484k unknown 130303_Get_in_the_Boat.pptx 03-Mar-2013 17:19 180k unknown 130310_From_Old_to_New.pptx 17-Mar-2013 12:24 180k unknown 130317_From_Watching_to_Being.pptx 17-Mar-2013 12:24 184k unknown 130324_The_New_Covenant.pptx 24-Mar-2013 15:57 192k unknown 130331_Death_in_His_Grave.pptx 31-Mar-2013 15:40 184k unknown 130407_Know_(No)_Satisfaction.pptx 02-May-2013 20:43 980k unknown 130414_Is_Perfect_Good_Enough.pptx 11-Apr-2013 20:38 988k unknown 130421_How_Much_Longer.pptx 20-Apr-2013 22:00 980k unknown 130421_What_Do_You_Have.pptx 12-May-2013 15:53 984k unknown 130505_New_Wine_Every_Time.potx 12-May-2013 15:53 304k unknown 130512_House_Of_His_Love.potx 12-May-2013 15:53 328k unknown 130519_House_Of_His_Presence.pptx 22-May-2013 15:25 312k unknown 130526_House_of_His_Honor.pptx 22-May-2013 15:24 320k unknown 130602_The_Wind_Blows.pptx 02-Jun-2013 16:40 288k unknown 130609_Rules_Worth_Breaking.pptx 07-Jun-2013 17:56 300k unknown 130616_The_Heart_Of_The_Father.pptx 01-Jul-2013 18:38 300k unknown 130623_World_Wide_Winds.pptx 01-Jul-2013 18:49 540k unknown 130630_Unexplainable_Mysteries.pptx 01-Jul-2013 18:37 288k unknown 130707_Revival.pptx 09-Jul-2013 19:21 668k unknown 130714_Reformation.pptx 11-Jul-2013 14:57 668k unknown 130811_Son_of_Man.pptx 20-Aug-2013 22:00 964k unknown 130818_Son_of_God.pptx 20-Aug-2013 22:00 972k unknown 130825_Living_Hope.pptx 20-Aug-2013 22:12 968k unknown 130908_Words_of_Life.pptx 08-Sep-2013 16:07 556k unknown 130915_Shadow_Of_Death.pptx 15-Sep-2013 16:08 564k unknown 130922_When_Life_Meets_Death.pptx 19-Sep-2013 20:34 556k unknown 130929_Zombies.pptx 04-Oct-2013 17:21 576k unknown 131006_More_Presence.pptx 04-Oct-2013 17:21 1024k unknown 131013_Fullness_of_Joy.pptx 16-Oct-2013 22:04 1020k unknown 131020_Loving_God_Loving_People_in_His_Presence.pptx 16-Oct-2013 22:03 1028k unknown 131027_Hungry.pptx 27-Oct-2013 15:51 1024k unknown 131103_God_Is_Light.pptx 21-Nov-2013 00:43 1020k unknown 131110_Help_Me_God.pptx 21-Nov-2013 00:41 1036k unknown 131117_Free_but_Costly.pptx 21-Nov-2013 00:40 1028k unknown 131124_Thank_You_God.pptx 21-Nov-2013 13:51 1020k unknown 131201_Wonderful_DWalker.pptx 11-Dec-2013 20:57 532k unknown 131208_Immanuel.pptx 11-Dec-2013 20:57 528k unknown 131215_JesusIsLove.pptx 11-Dec-2013 20:53 544k unknown 131222_Revealer.pptx 22-Dec-2013 16:40 528k unknown 131224_Savior.pptx 03-Jan-2014 22:33 520k unknown 131229_Who_Is_This_Jesus.pptx 03-Jan-2014 22:33 536k unknown 140105_New_Life_in_Secret.pptx 10-Jan-2014 13:46 308k unknown 140112_ThoseWhoWaitOnTheLord.pptx 12-Jan-2014 17:17 308k unknown 140119_HeWhoDwells.pptx 19-Jan-2014 19:50 320k unknown 140126_Knowing_Him_in_Secret.pptx 09-Feb-2014 16:56 308k unknown 140202_ALL_IN_to_Worship.pptx 02-Feb-2014 17:05 320k unknown 140209_ALL_IN_No_Matter_What.pptx 09-Feb-2014 16:55 308k unknown 140216_RIGHTEOUSNESS.pptx 16-Feb-2014 16:56 476k unknown 140223_Wherever_I_Am.pptx 03-Mar-2014 15:00 304k unknown 140302_What_Is_Church.pptx 03-Mar-2014 15:00 380k unknown 140309_Mysteries.pptx 09-Mar-2014 13:20 392k unknown 140316_Filling_Stations.pptx 22-Mar-2014 12:38 236k unknown 140323_Mirrors_and_More.pptx 22-Mar-2014 12:38 240k unknown 140330_Joints.pptx 05-Apr-2014 19:24 232k unknown 140406_Near_and_Far.pptx 15-Apr-2014 17:24 1136k unknown 140413_Answers_and_Questions.pptx 15-Apr-2014 17:25 1148k unknown 140418_It_Is_Finished.pptx 15-Apr-2014 17:25 1152k unknown 140420_War_and_Peace.pptx 15-Apr-2014 17:25 1144k unknown 140427_Death_and_Life.pptx 27-Apr-2014 16:01 1144k unknown 140525_HeartTalks.pptx 25-May-2014 15:57 332k unknown 140608_Acts 10.pptx 22-Jun-2014 16:13 552k unknown 140622_Family_Blessings.pptx 22-Jun-2014 16:13 556k unknown 140629_Signs_of_a_Healthy_Family.pptx 25-Jun-2014 21:31 556k unknown 140706_THE_Spirit_of_Life.pptx 02-Jul-2014 20:49 472k unknown 140713_Life_is_Good.pptx 17-Jul-2014 15:50 480k unknown 140720_It_Happens.pptx 17-Jul-2014 15:50 392k unknown 140727_Free_To_Follow.pptx 27-Jul-2014 15:54 412k unknown 140803_Who's_Your_Daddy.pptx 07-Aug-2014 15:38 320k unknown 140810_Promises_Promises.pptx 31-Aug-2014 16:07 336k unknown 140831_Unity_Through_Identity.pptx 31-Aug-2014 16:06 324k unknown 140907_Re-framing_My_Mind.pptx 07-Sep-2014 15:50 796k unknown 140914_Beloved.pptx 14-Sep-2014 15:51 940k unknown 140921_Re-framing_My_View.pptx 18-Sep-2014 19:19 804k unknown 140928_Re-framing_My_Why.pptx 28-Sep-2014 20:16 824k unknown 141005_SUPERnatural_Father_God.pptx 05-Oct-2014 15:15 1560k unknown 141012_SUPERnatural_Forgiveness.pptx 23-Oct-2014 22:15 1112k unknown 141019_SUPERnatural_Restoration.pptx 23-Oct-2014 22:16 1100k unknown 141026_SUPERnatural_Dreams.pptx 26-Oct-2014 18:27 1108k unknown 141102_The_Power_Of_ONE.pptx 07-Nov-2014 15:15 368k unknown 141109_Do_You_See_What_I_See.pptx 16-Nov-2014 01:46 372k unknown 141116_Hallelujah.pptx 16-Nov-2014 17:06 404k unknown 141123_Blessed.pptx 23-Nov-2014 23:42 372k unknown 141207_ExpectToSee.pptx 14-Dec-2014 14:35 300k unknown 141214_ExpectMoreFromGod.pptx 14-Dec-2014 16:32 308k unknown 141221_ExpectLessFromPeople.pptx 21-Dec-2014 16:43 312k unknown 141228_WhatToExpectIn2015.pptx 23-Dec-2014 21:40 308k unknown 150104_ALIGNMENT.1.pptx 08-Jan-2015 16:30 604k unknown 150111_ALIGNMENT.2.pptx 08-Jan-2015 16:30 392k unknown 150118_ALIGNMENT.3.pptx 15-Jan-2015 23:38 612k unknown 150125_ALIGNMENT.4.pptx 23-Jan-2015 21:42 388k unknown 150201_AllYouNeedIsLove.pptx 01-Feb-2015 16:45 2200k unknown 150208_LoveThatHeals.pptx 16-Feb-2015 22:46 2192k unknown 150215_LoveThatFlows.pptx 16-Feb-2015 22:45 1064k unknown 150222_LoveThatEmpowers.pptx 25-Feb-2015 18:12 2208k unknown 150301_HouseOfPeaceEverlasting.pptx 01-Mar-2015 17:24 572k unknown 150308_ANCHOR.pptx 06-Mar-2015 20:52 436k unknown 150315_PathToJoy.pptx 13-Mar-2015 22:24 452k unknown 150322_WOW.pptx 22-Mar-2015 16:14 512k unknown 150329_NoMatterWhat.pptx 26-Mar-2015 20:01 436k unknown 150403_GoodFriday.pptx 11-Apr-2015 13:01 1964k unknown 150405_HonoringHisGifts.pptx 11-Apr-2015 13:00 924k unknown 150412_Alpha_and_Omega.pptx 12-Apr-2015 16:18 920k unknown 150419_HonoringOthers.pptx 19-Apr-2015 15:59 928k unknown 150426_ Honoring_Past_Present_Future.pptx 26-Apr-2015 16:30 920k unknown 150503_Whatever.pptx 03-May-2015 16:18 956k unknown 150510_FaithOfOurMothers.pptx 10-May-2015 15:50 956k unknown 150517_God-Based Risks.pptx 17-May-2015 16:32 964k unknown 150524_LivingTheAdventure.pptx 31-May-2015 11:56 1608k unknown 150531_RunningAtGoliaths.pptx 31-May-2015 11:56 984k unknown 150607_SeeingTheUnseen.pptx 07-Jun-2015 15:57 1124k unknown 150614_ChristConsciousness.pptx 14-Jun-2015 15:55 1116k unknown 150621_The Rocks Cry Out.pptx 20-Jun-2015 15:26 1120k unknown 150628_Building And Demolition.pptx 25-Jun-2015 22:12 1132k unknown 150705_Filled With All The Fullness.pptx 05-Jul-2015 16:22 472k unknown 150712_Extreme Grace.pptx 09-Jul-2015 18:56 480k unknown 150719_God’s Empowering Presence.pptx 19-Jul-2015 15:01 484k unknown 150726_We Need More Power.pptx 31-Jul-2015 16:45 476k unknown 150802_BeingEnlightened.pptx 31-Jul-2015 16:46 276k unknown 150809_Super_Soakers.pptx 06-Aug-2015 19:37 284k unknown 150816_Lovers_Make_Better_Workers.pptx 16-Aug-2015 11:38 284k unknown 150823_Inside_Outside.pptx 21-Aug-2015 20:19 272k unknown 150830_Contagion.pptx 04-Sep-2015 17:42 288k unknown 150906_Get_On_Down_The_Road.pptx 06-Sep-2015 16:07 460k unknown 150913_Seeing_the_Invisible.pptx 09-Sep-2015 20:04 616k unknown 150920_Relentless_Pursuit.pptx 04-Oct-2015 02:06 640k unknown 150927_Increase_the_Release.pptx 04-Oct-2015 02:06 668k unknown 151004_Restore My Soul.pptx 06-Oct-2015 13:31 776k unknown 151011_Salvation_Song.pptx 08-Oct-2015 02:01 764k unknown 151018 The Time Is at Hand.pptx 18-Oct-2015 18:44 776k unknown 151025_This_Is_My_Story.pptx 22-Oct-2015 16:20 828k unknown 151101 Contending For Love.pptx 01-Nov-2015 17:07 344k unknown 151115 Pre-Christians & Christians.pptx 15-Nov-2015 17:15 340k unknown 151122 Victory at the River.pptx 22-Nov-2015 17:22 348k unknown 151129 MakingItFun.pptx 25-Nov-2015 02:25 352k unknown 151206_Word_Became_Flesh.pptx 06-Dec-2015 14:51 636k unknown 151213_Freedom_Came.pptx 08-Jan-2016 13:43 392k unknown 151220_WithThisNews.pptx 08-Jan-2016 13:44 604k unknown 151227_Comfort&Joy.pptx 08-Jan-2016 13:45 600k unknown 160103_RichardExley.pptx 08-Jan-2016 13:47 2744k unknown 160110_Wells and Angel Armies.pptx 10-Jan-2016 16:39 704k unknown 160117_I Saw the Lord.pptx 17-Jan-2016 17:17 696k unknown 160124_Far Away AND Up Close.pptx 20-Jan-2016 22:13 708k unknown 160131_Good Losses and Greater Gains.pptx 31-Jan-2016 17:26 708k unknown 160207_Sacred Spaces.pptx 07-Feb-2016 17:01 1736k unknown 160214_Who Do You Think You Are.pptx 10-Feb-2016 20:57 396k unknown 160221_Restoring_Passion.pptx 20-Feb-2016 23:54 772k unknown 160228_Running Over.pptx 01-Mar-2016 14:38 392k unknown 160306_Rise.pptx 06-Mar-2016 17:22 640k unknown 160313_The Imposter Stone.pptx 10-Mar-2016 19:44 500k unknown 160320_The Pharisee Stone.pptx 23-Mar-2016 14:33 504k unknown 160327_The WHY DOES IT MATTER Stone.pptx 27-Mar-2016 15:29 504k unknown 160403_Victory!.pptx 02-Apr-2016 13:44 248k unknown 160410_The Power of Love.pptx 08-Apr-2016 23:20 252k unknown 160417_Rest.pptx 13-Apr-2016 17:55 260k unknown 160424_Filled.pptx 20-Apr-2016 23:55 256k unknown 160501_AllIn.pptx 11-May-2016 10:54 204k unknown 160508_My Space is Your Space.pptx 11-May-2016 10:54 228k unknown 160515_The Great Exchange.pptx 11-May-2016 21:01 220k unknown 160522_Story Time!.pptx 20-May-2016 22:10 196k unknown 160529_Happy Surender!.pptx 03-Jun-2016 11:50 208k unknown 160605_Walk In The Light.pptx 05-Jun-2016 15:39 888k unknown 160612_Exits and On Ramps.pptx 08-Jun-2016 14:32 924k unknown 160619_Father of Lights.pptx 18-Jun-2016 16:36 920k unknown 160626_Rest Stops and Re-Fueling.pptx 23-Jun-2016 17:15 892k unknown 160703_Way Out.pptx 01-Jul-2016 11:30 216k unknown 160710_Politics and Other Messes.pptx 10-Jul-2016 15:58 228k unknown 160717_Trials to Triumphs.pptx 16-Jul-2016 22:54 304k unknown 160724_Quiet Rest.pptx 20-Jul-2016 19:31 256k unknown 160731_Encounters A-Z.pptx 30-Jul-2016 14:57 1032k unknown 160807_Believeland.pptx 30-Aug-2016 14:34 768k unknown 160814_Knowing.pptx 10-Aug-2016 12:50 748k unknown 160821_Miracles.pptx 25-Aug-2016 23:21 764k unknown 160828_The Pursuit.pptx 25-Aug-2016 23:22 884k unknown 160904_More.pptx 04-Sep-2016 11:56 344k unknown 160911_Loved and Loving.pptx 14-Sep-2016 18:28 372k unknown 160918_Restoration House.pptx 18-Sep-2016 15:31 372k unknown 160925_Worshippers.pptx 22-Sep-2016 01:46 372k unknown 161001_SeekingFirstHisKingdom.pptx 04-Oct-2016 15:51 576k unknown 161002_Who Has Control.pptx 04-Oct-2016 15:51 604k unknown 161009_The_Gift_of_Adoption.pptx 04-Oct-2016 15:51 632k unknown 161016_Words.pptx 16-Oct-2016 16:19 1080k unknown 161023_ABCD's.pptx 23-Oct-2016 16:07 1472k unknown 161030_ValuingAndRemembering.pptx 03-Nov-2016 13:44 684k unknown 161106_HeadInTheClouds.pptx 03-Nov-2016 13:50 612k unknown 161113_HeadInTheSand.pptx 13-Nov-2016 16:51 620k unknown 161120_Anchor in the Storm.pptx 22-Nov-2016 17:18 616k unknown 161127_The Real Deal.pptx 22-Nov-2016 17:19 624k unknown 161204_Hark The Herald.pptx 03-Dec-2016 00:04 328k unknown 161211_Thinking.pptx 08-Dec-2016 19:28 328k unknown 161218_Passion.pptx 18-Dec-2016 12:43 328k unknown 170101_Contact.pptx 06-Jan-2017 15:00 280k unknown 170108_Encounter God.pptx 08-Jan-2017 17:17 680k unknown 170122_Love Extended.pptx 22-Jan-2017 17:30 684k unknown 170129_Experience Life.pptx 28-Jan-2017 00:41 688k unknown 170205_Awareness.pptx 09-Feb-2017 21:30 724k unknown 170212_Heart Encounters.pptx 15-Feb-2017 17:33 732k unknown 170219_Awe Encounters.pptx 15-Feb-2017 18:30 760k unknown 170226_Power Encounters.pptx 24-Feb-2017 16:45 948k unknown 170305_In The Spirit.pptx 03-Mar-2017 18:23 744k unknown 170312_In The House.pptx 09-Mar-2017 11:39 752k unknown 170319_Out Loud.pptx 19-Mar-2017 16:16 752k unknown 170326_Let Love Lead.pptx 26-Mar-2017 12:03 900k unknown 170402_Abundent Life.pptx 05-Apr-2017 21:26 760k unknown 170409_Connect for Life.pptx 06-Apr-2017 11:08 764k unknown 170416_Chose for Life.pptx 26-Apr-2017 17:38 760k unknown 170423_Celebrate for Life.pptx 26-Apr-2017 17:38 764k unknown 170430_Commit for Life.pptx 30-Apr-2017 13:21 764k unknown 170507_Burning Heart.pptx 04-Jun-2017 15:34 1332k unknown 170514_Heart of a Mom.pptx 04-Jun-2017 15:34 1340k unknown 170521_Legacy.pptx 21-May-2017 16:16 1376k unknown 170528_Battles Won.pptx 04-Jun-2017 15:34 1360k unknown 170604_Cleaveland.pptx 04-Jun-2017 15:30 464k unknown 170611_Whos Your Family.pptx 07-Jun-2017 16:31 476k unknown 170618_Defender.pptx 16-Jun-2017 10:15 456k unknown 170625_Believeland.pptx 29-Jun-2017 15:06 8816k unknown 170702_Intentionality.pptx 29-Jun-2017 15:05 680k unknown 170709_Surrender.pptx 07-Jul-2017 10:09 644k unknown 170716_Reignite.pptx 13-Jul-2017 13:25 644k unknown 170723_Passion.pptx 23-Jul-2017 14:11 688k unknown 170730_Joy.pptx 26-Jul-2017 17:49 644k unknown 170806_In Christ.pptx 13-Aug-2017 15:37 780k unknown 170813_Significance.pptx 13-Aug-2017 15:43 788k unknown 170820_Connection.pptx 18-Aug-2017 19:57 772k unknown 170827_Dwell.pptx 27-Aug-2017 13:37 772k unknown 170903_Full-Filled.pptx 30-Aug-2017 01:51 988k unknown 170910_How.pptx 09-Sep-2017 12:19 1324k unknown 170917_Daniel and Menorah McCarty.pptx 17-Sep-2017 18:18 1024k unknown 170924_Why.pptx 24-Sep-2017 16:00 988k unknown 171001_Kingdom Come.pptx 30-Sep-2017 01:51 316k unknown 171008_Hope.pptx 31-Oct-2017 13:39 324k unknown 171015_Nikkie and Johnny Testimony.pptx 31-Oct-2017 13:40 312k unknown 171022_Love.pptx 31-Oct-2017 13:40 324k unknown 171029_Scary Prayers.pptx 31-Oct-2017 13:40 324k unknown 171105_ The Glad Hearts.pptx 31-Oct-2017 22:18 132k unknown 171112_ The Big Littles.pptx 14-Nov-2017 14:10 876k unknown 171119_ Richard Exley.pptx 21-Nov-2017 17:39 128k unknown 171126_ The Big Bigs.pptx 21-Nov-2017 17:39 136k unknown 171203_ Joy To The World.pptx 02-Dec-2017 00:57 1468k unknown 171210_ Drink Deeply.pptx 10-Dec-2017 16:46 2184k unknown 171217_ Choosing Joy.pptx 19-Dec-2017 17:33 2556k unknown 171224_ Contagious Joy.pptx 20-Dec-2017 21:14 1552k unknown 171231_Looking Ahead.pptx 31-Dec-2017 13:10 1516k unknown 180107_Perfect Peace.pptx 07-Jan-2018 14:41 668k unknown 180114_Good Will to All.pptx 10-Jan-2018 21:12 672k unknown 180121_World Peace.pptx 24-Jan-2018 03:59 2752k unknown 180128_Too Good to NOT Be True.pptx 24-Jan-2018 03:59 648k unknown 180204_The Mystery.pptx 08-Feb-2018 15:22 304k unknown 180211_Heart & Mind.pptx 08-Feb-2018 15:21 740k unknown 180218_Soul & Strength.pptx 16-Feb-2018 01:55 316k unknown 180225_Family JeffDavidson.pptx 15-Mar-2018 16:38 5348k unknown 180304_Wonderful Savior.pptx 15-Mar-2018 16:39 1100k unknown 180311_The Great Defender.pptx 15-Mar-2018 16:40 1100k unknown 180318_The Healer.pptx 15-Mar-2018 16:41 1212k unknown 180325_The Freedom Fighter.pptx 21-Mar-2018 19:50 1100k unknown 180401_The Most Super Hero.pptx 28-Mar-2018 23:02 1108k unknown 180408_Intentionality.pptx 04-Apr-2018 18:45 420k unknown 180415_Misunderstood.pptx 13-Apr-2018 12:30 416k unknown 180422_Love in Conflict.pptx 22-Apr-2018 18:30 420k unknown 180429_Not So Secret Agents.pptx 03-May-2018 20:42 420k unknown 180506_Be Still and Know.pptx 04-May-2018 03:00 1052k unknown 180513_Behold.pptx 13-May-2018 17:37 1044k unknown 180520_Pause and Effect.pptx 20-May-2018 16:15 1048k unknown 180527_Remember.pptx 01-Jun-2018 12:09 1052k unknown 180603_The Whole Family.pptx 01-Jun-2018 12:08 784k unknown 180610_Belonging.pptx 10-Jun-2018 15:45 1056k unknown 180617_DNA.pptx 15-Jun-2018 13:52 784k unknown 180624_Know and Be Known.pptx 06-Jul-2018 23:13 792k unknown 180701_Get It Together.pptx 06-Jul-2018 23:13 804k unknown 180708_Truth.pptx 08-Jul-2018 15:45 812k unknown 180715_Encounter.pptx 11-Jul-2018 19:06 808k unknown 180722_Fight.pptx 25-Jul-2018 19:58 808k unknown 180729_Serve.pptx 25-Jul-2018 19:58 808k unknown 180805_New Beginnings.pptx 03-Aug-2018 20:32 416k unknown 180812_A Shift in Perspective.pptx 12-Aug-2018 16:02 3568k unknown 180819_Richard Exley.pptx 21-Aug-2018 12:19 404k unknown 180826_In With the New.pptx 26-Aug-2018 21:17 416k unknown 180902_Let's Dance.pptx 02-Sep-2018 15:36 2836k unknown 180909_Let's Eat.pptx 06-Sep-2018 19:59 2836k unknown 180916_Let's Walk.pptx 17-Sep-2018 15:48 2840k unknown 180923_Let's Explore.pptx 22-Sep-2018 16:15 5504k unknown 180930_Let's Sit on the Porch.pptx 26-Sep-2018 17:21 2836k unknown 181007_Happy Hour.pptx 06-Oct-2018 18:18 1160k unknown 181014_What Do I Have.pptx 17-Oct-2018 21:24 400k unknown 181021_What Moves Me.pptx 17-Oct-2018 21:26 400k unknown 181028_Who, Me.pptx 28-Oct-2018 13:23 736k unknown 181104_Thank You.pptx 04-Nov-2018 16:48 324k unknown 181111_Our HIStory.pptx 20-Nov-2018 23:19 308k unknown 181118_In Every Season.pptx 20-Nov-2018 23:20 316k unknown 181125_In The Close and Every-Day.pptx 23-Nov-2018 14:44 312k unknown 181202_Peace Be Still.pptx 02-Dec-2018 16:36 664k unknown 181209_In Waiting.pptx 17-Dec-2018 14:57 316k unknown 181216_In Silence.pptx 17-Dec-2018 14:57 2880k unknown 181223_In Mystery.pptx 29-Dec-2018 14:20 316k unknown 181230_Peaceable Kingdom.pptx 29-Dec-2018 14:21 320k unknown 190106_Read the Red.pptx 09-Jan-2019 19:25 6588k unknown 190113_Explore the Possibilities.pptx 09-Jan-2019 19:25 496k unknown 190127_Afterthought.pptx 27-Jan-2019 01:36 5072k unknown 190203_Be The Light (Dave Walker).pptx 03-Feb-2019 17:14 312k unknown 190210_Be Attractive.pptx 16-Feb-2019 18:07 328k unknown 190217_Be Willing.pptx 16-Feb-2019 18:07 316k unknown 190224_Color Outside the Lines.pptx 04-Mar-2019 17:20 628k unknown 190303_Season for Loving.pptx 04-Mar-2019 17:20 1072k unknown 190310_Sorrow & Joy.pptx 06-Mar-2019 17:25 916k unknown 190317_Seeds for the Future.pptx 07-Apr-2019 15:53 2332k unknown 190324_Rest & Labor.pptx 07-Apr-2019 15:53 1744k unknown 190407_Through The Veil.pptx 07-Apr-2019 15:53 1184k unknown 190414_Between Us and Us.pptx 21-Apr-2019 15:35 1192k unknown 190421_Between Us and God.pptx 21-Apr-2019 15:35 1200k unknown 190428_Between Us and Them.pptx 24-Apr-2019 23:10 1188k unknown 190505_In Time.pptx 04-May-2019 16:05 544k unknown 190512_In Love.pptx 12-May-2019 15:39 548k unknown 190519_In Faith.pptx 20-May-2019 15:36 544k unknown 190526_In Influence.pptx 31-May-2019 01:33 808k unknown 190602_Let It Shine.pptx 31-May-2019 01:35 452k unknown 190609_Joy.pptx 10-Jun-2019 01:39 532k unknown 190616_Shine - At Home.pptx 18-Jun-2019 11:45 17600k unknown 190623_Dave Walker.pptx 30-Jun-2019 00:26 92k unknown 190630_Around The World.pptx 30-Jun-2019 00:26 88k unknown 190707_Who and What.pptx 05-Jul-2019 19:46 2832k unknown 190714_One and Why.pptx 14-Jul-2019 15:59 2840k unknown 190721_When and How.pptx 19-Jul-2019 21:53 3132k unknown 190728_Where and Why.pptx 25-Jul-2019 00:33 3768k unknown 190804_Love Covers.pptx 02-Aug-2019 20:25 636k unknown 190811_Joy of Salvation.pptx 07-Aug-2019 15:21 648k unknown 190818_All-Weather Joy.pptx 15-Aug-2019 12:55 952k unknown 190825_RichardExley.pptx 25-Aug-2019 12:25 628k unknown 190901_Sweet Surrender.pptx 31-Aug-2019 13:02 412k unknown 190908_Love That Stays.pptx 05-Sep-2019 15:27 1296k unknown 190915_Love That Sends.pptx 15-Sep-2019 17:47 19756k unknown 190922_Courageous Love.pptx 22-Sep-2019 11:53 416k unknown 190929_Hard Love.pptx 27-Sep-2019 22:00 5964k unknown 191006_Co-Mission.pptx 06-Oct-2019 16:15 2380k unknown 191013_Encounter God.pptx 10-Oct-2019 19:14 464k unknown 191020_Extend Love.pptx 20-Oct-2019 12:27 960k unknown 191027_Experience Life.pptx 29-Oct-2019 15:00 464k unknown 191103_Journey of Healing.pptx 03-Nov-2019 12:50 1872k unknown 191110_Path to Joy.pptx 10-Nov-2019 16:42 1864k unknown 191117_Path Through the Valley.pptx 18-Nov-2019 18:12 1868k unknown 191124_Path to New Feelings.pptx 20-Nov-2019 20:41 1868k unknown 191201_Omit the Nonessential.pptx 26-Nov-2019 19:44 476k unknown 191208_The Gift.pptx 06-Dec-2019 02:17 192k unknown 191215_Seize the Moment.pptx 15-Dec-2019 21:43 208k unknown 191222_Noticing Jesus.pptx 18-Dec-2019 16:49 204k unknown 191224_Adoring Jesus.pptx 25-Dec-2019 02:45 184k unknown 191229_Plan for Success.pptx 04-Feb-2020 22:28 7436k unknown 200105_BEHOLD - The Creator.pptx 04-Feb-2020 22:28 832k unknown 200112_Happiness.pptx 04-Feb-2020 22:28 28120k unknown 200119_BEHOLD - The Pursuer.pptx 04-Feb-2020 22:28 372k unknown 200126_BEHOLD- 2020 Vision.pptx 04-Feb-2020 22:28 372k unknown 200202_Perfect Representation.pptx 04-Feb-2020 22:28 296k unknown 200209_Perfect Power.pptx 09-Feb-2020 16:43 288k unknown 200216_Perfect Lamb.pptx 12-Feb-2020 21:10 300k

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